Fay Jones Project


This next project goes back to 2003 so I’m a little fuzzy on the details. But the visuals have stayed with me so I’d like to share.

It started with a Fay Jones print I purchased from the Linda Russo Gallery in Portland. Fay Jones is one of our great northwest artists. She places figures in juxtaposition to each other in her compositions as though she’s telling a story. But it’s a story the viewer has to compose since the narrative is lost.

After a series of writing prompts and sharing about my Jones’ print, I asked the students to think of a story they’re familiar with. And from that story think of three characters or objects and sketch them. They also came up with three vocabulary words. Two of their words determined which dictionary pages they got to paint on later.

The Fay Jones idea was merged with a painting I saw at the Tacoma Art Museum. The artist and painting shall remain nameless because I can’t remember them. [Anyone want to help me remember, I’d be glad to give credit to the artist.] In this museum piece images were painted on dictionary pages. But when you checked the title for some clues to the painting it was entitled by the first dictionary entry and the last entry on the dictionary background. So the title may have been something like Dirk-Playact. I was intrigued by the idea so the student’s title come from the dictionary pages we used as our canvas (We use an old dictionary that was falling apart – I let the student choose two vocabulary words and I’d slice them out).

So Flora’s Cinderella story is titled “Dispel-Case”.

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