Giver Poetry Art

The more we engage students with good literature the more successful they’ll be. This can be exemplified with a project I did when we studied Lois Lowry’s The Giver. I chose a powerful moment in the novel and typed the page in a variety of sizes and fonts. Every student was given a copy of the passage and scissors. Their first task was to cut the individual words out like a ransom note. All the pieces of paper were loaded into a Word Machine*. Our Word Machine was a slotted basket which could be shaken and some scraps would float down to the table. This created random mixes of 20-30 words which the student rearranged into a message.

There are many variations you can use with this idea – I wanted maximum engagement. In addition to engaging with the Giver text, this project focused on word choice and idea.

*I learned about a Word Machine from an art docent at the Museum of Glass years ago. Thanks to my unnamed muse.

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