Jazz Poetry Night – 2005

014 015

Jazz Poetry Night (JPN) is a night of celebrating student poetry with music. This evening concert was the most successful event in the school’s history.  Luke Smiraldo the Spoken Word poet who emceed the event also brought in a four piece quartet skilled in improvisational jazz. Between Luke’s dynamic words and student poets stepping up to the microphone and belting out their work backed by the band, it was an amazing night of students and their words.

The Power of Poetry: In class we wrote name poems where students wrote a poem about what their name means. Storm was a girl who was a bit shy but wrote the most vibrant poem. Unfortunately she was too shy to perform it. Several students wanted to perform it for her and we had a competition with the winner to perform at the JPN. Unfortunately the winner didn’t show. Storm wanted to know who was going to perform her poem – she was proud of it – but it was too late for an understudy. So I told Storm that if she wanted it performed she would have to step up. She walked away discouraged but returned fifteen minutes later and said she’d do it. When it came to her time, she stepped up to the mic and belted it out. We were proud of her and she was beaming. That’s the power she felt from her Spoken Word.


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