Word Paintings


How often do we focus on the power of a single word?

For this project, fourth grade students were to create a visual for their word. Choosing five words from a long list of descriptive words, we had vocabulary homework the first week. The following week each student had to focus on one of their five words. We then developed our canvas background.

One of my favorite technique is foot painting. Each student could choose two colors and black/white. These were squirted on the boards lying on the floor. Steadying themselves on a partner’s shoulder or arm, the student steps on the board and mixes the paint with their feet. It takes some prep but is a blast for the students.

Then it’s time for the student to create their visual for their descriptive word.


My favorite story is about CJ’s painting. This was a active kid – intelligent but usually in trouble – the kind that drive you up the wall but you really find special. His composition was a mess of Pollock-esque slashes. Even the letters for the word was all over H-C-A-O-S. It’s not until you put it all together that you understand his painting was for the word: CHAOS. Brilliant!

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