Perspective Demonstration


Writers use perspective in their writing and it’s important to understand the concept of perspective in writing. But too often this is just an academic word our students don’t really comprehend. This demonstration was my way of making the concept of perspective concrete for my students.

Continuing our exploration of movement, I ask three volunteers to form a fantastic puzzle piece.  This is three fantastic shapes somehow interrelated without touching. (Further explanation on my Tacoma Art Museum I & II post.) The rest of the class formed a circle around the puzzle. I asked them to focus on the silhouette they saw from their perspective or viewpoint. Make a mental photo – what is line you see, where does it rise and fall.

Then we rotated forty-five degrees and made another mental picture before rotating a third time. This actually worked well for a number of my students.

As you can see from the pictures, I took three photos back to the classroom to further reinforce the concept. We projected them onto large poster paper and made a simple line drawing of each. This made it easy to see the shape of the outlines and discuss the formerly abstract but now concrete concept of perspective.


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