Mandala for Mount Rainier


Four Gates to Enter this Sacred Terrain


Petite glacier lily bows in reverence to the

Daily renewal of its life-giving force which

Melts its namesake glaciers and excavates the bulbs

Since their previous demise at the autumnal equinox

Lily resurrects itself from snowy fields and icy graves

Beargrass with its billowy white sumi brushes

Paint feathery wisps of clouds on azure skies and

Fashions ambience with its feathery touch of swirling

Impressions when fog – flitting close and open –

Curiously surrounds and permeates everlasting

Indian paintbrush with its dab of orange

Already loaded at dawn’s first light

Eager to paint the sunset’s glow at day’s end

With showy palette and tantalizing texture roadside

Larkspur, subalpine blue and magenta of lupine

Brush cools of early blue violet and spreading phlox with

Warms of cinquefoil, showy sedge, and buttercup


Old truths reveal themselves within crystallized deposits

Heavenly patterned plans of omnipotent truth

Ancient knowledge recorded over geologic time

Native spiritual health grounded in these springs

Arsenic, ammonia and heat spawn cyanobacteria

Pressure increases with primal heat in porous igneous rock

Energy generated metamorphically

Cycling rock power, raw and untamed

Ores migrating up through eons of time

Sulfides, iron, methane, and ammonia

Heat loving thermophilic microorganisms

Health easing the aches of muscle, sinew, and soul

Old remedies featured again

Time honored treatments help

Strugglers on the surface – sufferers, spiritualist, sinner

Paradoxically soaking their body in

Ruptured vessels of our Mother’s amniotic fluid

Irons and sulfur – ingredients of the primordial soup

Naturally affect their cure

Geology for the ages bring

Spiritual comfort in these springs


The purified air at 5400 feet offers a window

To our souls and transparency – not veiled or cloaked –

To attainment and release from inner demons and

Forces we’ve released in the world

Fog rolls in as a protective cover acting as

Surgical scrubs – cleansing the air and soul

She soars in – she is the Great Void

Paradise is her Valhalla

Just as delicate charcoal drawing rise

Up out of the fire’s flaming pit

Corvid’s mysticism comes from the sun

Her gift of prophecy and magical medicine

Is needed now

Just as the Black Hole gathers in all energy

And transforms it, raven’s iridescent darkness

Constantly change form and shape emerging

From the vast darkness we rapidly approach

Keeper of Secrets is also Teacher of Mystics


Draw of the water speaks to motion

Its watery lifeblood circulates through the park

Draws, pushes, pulls, tugs – endless and unending

Restless water is the kinetic spirit of life

Spirit of birth, renewal, decomposition

Lifeblood of the mountain

Life-giving to the land, flora, and fauna

Feeding sphagnum moss hanging from the hemlock

As alive in the atmosphere as it is in its riverbanks

Waters are an overflowing source of blessings

As it slides over slick rock and carves

Side channels which can’t be tamed

In pristine surroundings – water is a sound

Glacier melt pounds on bedrock like

Hammer pounds on anvil

Cutting deep indentations of swirling pockets

Listening to its powerful white noise

Pounding, pounding, pounding plunge

The hypnotic movement over softened edge

Is lightness, mist rising, suspension in air

Icarus-wise thoughts without

Fear of being pulled over the abyss

Powerful white noise and trickle of creek

Roar off canyon walls, resonate din of cascades

Rhythmic pull of hypnotic river

Just as wind makes ripples in crow wing feathers

And avalanche lilies dance at midsummer’s eve

Water carves dimples as it ripples on river rock face as

Carbon River is white from transporting silt

The hard earned epiphany we must learn to admit

That eventually water will carry… Summit to Sea


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