Let me introduce you to an amazingly talented educator on a day she shared her gifts with my class.

Kalee Alexandria, currently teaches for WaHeLut Indian School in Nisqually, WA, integrates the Arts into her teaching. She’s also a talented painter, dancer, and didgeridoo musician.

First Ms. Alexandria shared some of her own paintings before introducing her Australian ‘didge’. The Aboriginal didgeridoo creates eerie, otherworldly sounds. Kalee showed how different lengths and diameters will create different tones. Combining the didge with a drum circle surrounded us with an infectious, pulsating energy.

Kalee’s lesson was based on Aboriginal art and took students on a mental ‘walkabout’ using visualization techniques and her didgeridoo. Then each student visually recreated their walkabout using colored chalk on black construction paper. The results were stunning.

Obviously the students had a great time but what ‘learning’ took place? Our reading comprehension strategies include: visualization, schema, and questioning. Each was modeled in this lesson. There were connections to the previous day’s story, next week’s writing, and our upcoming Heritage Night. We were covering standards in reading, writing, communications, social studies, and art.

In the end, our day was stimulating, enriching, powerful, connected to learning – and fun too!

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